Monday, December 03, 2007


Post- intro-fare Superferry is no bargain

by Larry Geller

Thanks to Dick Mayer for the suggestion to do a test booking:

Book A Ferry

For that price, I want my own stateroom and a seat at the Captain's Table.
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The fare for those 2 days on Aloha Airlines including taxes is $109.80, a saving of about $44 per person!

So for only $44 I can get this really neat sight-seeing boat ride! I'd pay the extra $40 round trip to upgrade to the lounge (I've been on the boat and it's great).

I'd do it every time I wasn't pressed for time. I never get seasick, either.

>>I can get this really neat sight-seeing boat ride

Hi Mr. Garibaldi's PR team. Thanks for posting.

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