Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Pics of waves and paddy wagons

by Larry Geller

Brad Parsons posted links to some pictures he took as comments to an earlier article. Since comments are pretty much buried in this blog, I wanted to put the links up front.

The first bunch shows the impressive wave action in Kahului harbor yesterday.

The second set is more ominous, a gathering of what looks like paddy wagons for the "Unified Command."

Of course, waves will go away, but most likely the military buildup will stay.

I'm not sure what the surf forecast holds for the ferry's planned sailing Thursday. There's a flash flood watch posted until Thursday afternoon for the entire state. There's also a high wind warning until Wednesday evening: sustained winds of 40 mph or gusts of 58 mph are expected (tie down your garbage cans, Christmas decorations, and ferry platforms).

Stuff is happening.

How many tugboats will it take to keep the ferry platform in check? Who is paying for those tugboats, anyway?

It's still safer and more dependable to fly if you are headed to Maui.

Please feel free to send links to any pictures that may interest readers.

Update: Brad sends this link to a webcam located at Kahului Harbor. For some reason my Vista machine won't load this, but my XP machines have no trouble. Go figure. The video shows quite a bit of wind right now (about 2:15 p.m.).



I have been knocked offline by the weather the past day. These problems with surf conditions at Pier 2c will happen about 37 days out of the year on average according to the Army Corp of Engineers. But, they also say that most of that is in the winter months. Just estimating, I would say we can expect as many as 10 to 12 days each month for the next 3 months of waves over 3 feet at Pier 2c. This will be a reoccuring problem. The design that DOT chose for the pier-barge-ship at Pier 2c is flawed. Aloha, Brad

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