Saturday, December 29, 2007


Passenger reaction will determine if ferry continues

by Larry Geller

According to the Star-Bulletin, today's schedule was canceled. Again.

One day the seas will relax enough for the Superferry to sail. At that point it will be interesting to see Ferry Surveyhow passengers enjoy their ride.

While flying may not be comfortable for everyone, most people are used to it and there's no discomfort. Flights to Neighbor Islands are pretty short.

A ferry is another thing entirely. If sea conditions are bad, it could be a while before you get any relief. If conditions are good, of course, there's the possibility of taking in some great views and maybe spotting a whale or two.

How many trips will be marvelous, how many "ok," and how many will be bad enough to ruin the rest of your day?

Passengers deserve to know what they might experience. Perhaps the best way to inform them is through a comprehensive survey of passengers who have gone before. To assist the process, we offer the Superferry company a proposed survey instrument. No charge, it's free to use.


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