Wednesday, December 05, 2007


One-man newspaper in Puna, Big Island

by Larry Geller

Journalist Hunter Bishop couldn't post many articles while he was on jury duty here on Oahu, but he's making up for it since his return to the Big Island.

Anyone interested in news and concerns over there can subscribe to his news feed and stay in touch.

What's a news feed? It's what turbo-charges blogs and gives them an edge in certain ways over traditional newspapers. Your newspaper gets plopped at your door (or somewhere in your driveway) usually once a day, and you (or your dog, if well trained) have to go fetch it. Blogs can be like that—you don't get to read them unless you go to the website.

But with news feeds, the blog comes to you. Using a news reader (also called an aggregator), the news is delivered to you, as frequently as you set it for. News readers are often stand-alone programs, or they can be built into a browser like Opera or Firefox (with an add-on). Google has one you use on-line. I use feeds on the left side of this blog to bring you the last three headlines from various blogs.

The Legislature will be providing status updates and other information via news feeds (usually called RSS feeds), so learning to use them can be handy if you follow issues during the legislative session.

So find yourself a news reader (many are free programs, use Google to find) and tune in to Hunter Bishop on the Big Island.

Oh, newspapers have feeds too, they are trying to catch up to blogs.



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