Sunday, December 16, 2007



No post today; car stolen. It kind of ruins the weekend.


Wow, first Hunter's car is stolen. Now your car is stolen. It's as if somebody is collecting blogger vehicles!

Suddenly locking my motorcycle to the pillar in the carport seems like a an idea worth considering...

Seriously, though, I hope it all turns out okay for you.


Yeah, I was thinking of Hunter.

Well, if any more blogger cars get stolen, it will be time to think of some kind of conspiracy.

Car was locked, alarm on, parking area well-lit, patrolled, and there is surveillance video showing the car being driven out.

blame it on the superferry! increased crime. auwe
hope you get it back. peace,....kk

and my wife broke her leg :(

I'll have to admit thinking that my car is probably on the way to Maui already, without me.

Oh, no, that's worse than having a car stolen. I hope she gets well soon. Puts my little ol' car problem in perspective, doesn't it.

I know the feeling.
But I'll raise you one wrecked car.
A week ago my wife was stopped at a traffic light and struck from behind by a drunk driver. She and my son are OK but her car was totalled! Now we're a one-car family again while back in negotiations with insurance companies. Auwe.
Not to make light of your predicament. It's really weird having you car stolen. I hope things work out for you without too much trouble.

Whats up with last weekend. Someone did a hit and run on my truck while me and my girlfriend were eating dinner,. Luckily the damage wasn't too bad and a witness got the license plate number.

Yikes, Hunter, you are having a bad car year. I'm glad to hear that your wife and son are ok, that's the most important thing.

And Aaron, glad to hear that no one was in your truck.

Yesterday a car went out of control and dropped onto the highway right outside our window (it's in the Advertiser this morning), and just 20 minutes ago there was a collision the intersection also on School Street, we heard it and watched the aftermath.

I gotta get focused on something besides cars. Superferry... superferry... superferry... must focus on something else..., change car Karma, change car Karma...

A little update on my truck situation. It seems just having the license plate number won't help the cause much.

My insurance company called me told and informed me they don't have a way to cross check a license plate. Only the police department does.

She went on to say it would be a couple weeks before they would turn over the report to them. She also said if the police officer did his job right, the report should have that information.

Low and behold I called up HCPD records division. They said it would take 2 weeks for them to process my request for a report.
So I decided against requesting a

Its likely I'm not going to pursue this unless the person who allegedly did this pays for it. Especially since its only cosmetic
damage and I have 250.00 collision deductible.

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