Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Another Superferry cancellation

by Larry Geller

I found this posted on the Superferry website:

Cancelled Again

How many cancellation days will there be each year? What will the reliability of the Superferry be as a passenger carrier? Suppose a return trip is canceled and your hotel on Maui doesn't have a room available...  Suppose you need to be at work the next day?

Just asking.

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"Suppose a return trip is canceled" Too many cancelations = bad publicity.

What happens if they decide to go ahead despite bad weather?

Memories of ferry accident horror stories will keep me awake tonight.

I love that you have a barf tag for Superferry stories. Some friends here were predicting on Monday the ferry would have to cancel tomorrow. All good questions you raise.

I was thinking about that yesterday. There are not too many hotel rooms open on Maui right now. If you were a visitor, planning on taking the Superferry yesterday or today, accommodations on short notice here on Maui may have been expensive and hard to find. Aloha, Brad

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