Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Advertiser chooses fluff over substance in presidential candidate profiles

by Larry Geller

As I read the Honolulu Advertiser's profiles of presidential candidates Giuliani and Clinton, I was wondering, if the series should continue, whether they would mention Edward's $400 haircut. I wasn't disappointed.

The series started on November 25 with two articles from the McClatchy-Tribune News Service. One can't blame McClatchy because the Advertiser chose these particular articles to present to us. You can follow the series on-line at the Advertiser's website. Or as long as you are browsing, you can do much better.

We'll have to click elsewhere for information that might compare the candidate's positions on issues of concern to all of us, their voting records, and their history.

Just as an example, click here for a short compendium of articles on Giuliani. Did you learn more, reading those excerpts, than what the Advertiser brought you? The alternative press has covered his leadership failures pretty well. The Honolulu Weekly carries a cartoon about him in the current issue. Even cartoons are more helpful in understanding this candidate than the McClatchy piece.

Or check out this description of the difference in Democratic candidates' universal health insurance proposals.

Readers are served by in-depth analysis. We can handle it. Why bring us fluff? Does it sell more newspapers?

Speaking of comparisons, Progressive Review editor Sam Smith has been trying an interesting experiment in poll-watching. Check out his simple mathematical analysis here.

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