Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Neighbor Island insurgency

by Larry Geller

A preview of the new rules of engagement:

As for the rest of the [Advertiser] article, all the harbor security in the world won’t keep the boat on her schedule if protestors adapt to the latest security situation. For example, what prevents protesters from buying tickets and jumping overboard from the ship in the middle of the crossing (the ship would be obligated to attempt a rescue), or from disabling their own vehicles to clog the loading or unloading process, or any other alternative form of civil disobedience? Or, consider the scenario I pondered earlier; the authorities probably can’t remain vigilant in every harbor at once (or, if they try, then not for an extended period of time).

If the intent of the “unified command” is a crypto-militarization of this confrontation against civilians, then a predictable response to this asymmetric conflict would be for opponents to take actions more akin to an insurgency rather than to mount a direct confrontation on terms almost certain to fail. [Poinography!]

Opponents probably have ideas of their own, but even if anyone just adopts Doug's, his article may prove prophetic.


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