Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Maui court hearing online for viewing

by Larry Geller

Thanks to Scott for posting comments pointing us to the Akaku video of today's hearing. And of course, thanks to Akaku.

I haven't finished viewing the video, but it appears that the judge has set the next hearing on the motions for Wednesday November 14 at 8:30 a.m.

So mark your calendars. I hope Akaku is planning to cover that hearing as well.

Update: It seems that the state and Superferry (defendants) are in such a hurry that they've agreed to give themselves only about half a day to review the plaintiff's motions and prepare and file a response. If I understood the video (the quality wasn't too good on my computer), the plaintiffs will file electronically the morning before, and the state must file that afternoon (Nov. 13).

There was also some nasty business around taking away the plaintiff's attorneys fees if the judge should rule to eliminate the injunction, with the twisted logic that they will not have prevailed. This is our attorney general at work. Such a nice guy. If he loses, of course, he is still paid his salary.

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We will be streaming the entirety, same as before.

And we are working on improving the quality, we hope to have a much better stream by next week!

Thank you for the link!

Christian Holmes
Akaku: Maui Community Television

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