Monday, November 05, 2007


If you're reading this, your power is probably on

by Larry Geller

Doug Carlson writes about the power failures and KSSK's own failure to report on what many would classify as an emergency here.

We watched the lightning flash during dinner yesterday, and then noticed blue police lights flashing along Nuuanu and also along School Street. They were located at intersections without traffic lights. Power was disappearing around us as we watched. I turned off the computers just in case, but we only suffered a few short partial hits. The cable was down.

Looking out the window we saw large areas of the city and hills disappear into blackness. Some of the dark was probably the heavy rain, but the red or green of traffic lights was missing, and the H-1 freeway was in darkness.

At this writing, neither the Advertiser nor the Star-Bulletin have been delivered. I couldn't even get through to the HECO number.

I suppose we'll find out what's happening later, but that won't be much help to those who need to know about it right now.

And this is only rain... are we ready for worse?


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