Friday, October 26, 2007


Who voted for or against the House Superferry bill

by Larry Geller

Following the form of the previous post, here's the tally from the Capitol website. I hope I haven't gotten anyone in the wrong column—if so, someone please let me know.

I indicated those who voted "Yes With Reservations" by WR, even if they voted "Yes" later on the House floor.

Rep. Morita gets an extra Happy Whale (she deserves many more!) for introducing her amendment and for her floor speeches.

I've also awarded a couple of extra Harpooned Whales: Reps. Calvin Say, Joseph Souki, Cynthia Thielen, and Dwight Takamine each get an extra Harpooned Whale for having appeared on the Advertiser's list of politicians who received Superferry-related campaign contributions and now voting for this bill.

Those who voted against it get the Happy Whales.


Yes: Awana deadwhalesmall   No: Berg happywhalesmall
  Belatti deadwhalesmall     Carroll happywhalesmall
  Bertram deadwhalesmall     Hanohano happywhalesmall
  Brower deadwhalesmall     Morita happywhalesmall happywhalesmall
  Caldwell deadwhalesmall     Shimabukuro happywhalesmall
  Ching deadwhalesmall     Tokioka happywhalesmall
  Chong deadwhalesmall        
  Evans deadwhalesmall        
  Finnegan deadwhalesmall        
  Green deadwhalesmall        
  Har deadwhalesmall        
  Herkes deadwhalesmall        
  Ito deadwhalesmall        
  Karamatsu deadwhalesmall        
  Lee deadwhalesmall        
  Luke deadwhalesmall        
  Magaoay deadwhalesmall        
  Manahan deadwhalesmall        
  McKelvey WR        
  Meyer deadwhalesmall        
  Mizuno deadwhalesmall        
  Nakasone deadwhalesmall        
  Nishimoto deadwhalesmall        
  Oshiro, B deadwhalesmall        
  Oshiro, M WR        
  Pine deadwhalesmall        
  Rhoads deadwhalesmall        
  Sagum deadwhalesmall        
  Say deadwhalesmalldeadwhalesmall        
  Sonson WR        


deadwhalesmall deadwhalesmall        
  Takamine WRdeadwhalesmall        
  Thielen deadwhalesmalldeadwhalesmall        
  Tsuji deadwhalesmall        
  Wakai deadwhalesmall        
  Ward deadwhalesmall        
  Waters deadwhalesmall        
  Yamane deadwhalesmall        
  Yamashita deadwhalesmall        



Can you please report to us (because it is missing or has disappeared) the number of time any of our shipping traffic between Oahu, Kauai and Maui has a whale been hit by a large vessel the size or bigger than the superferry? Please? I just want to see proof for the claims that it will kill or runover a whale. Because I have not ever heard of it ever happening here. Keep the facts...not opinions.

I certainly haven't heard of whale hits. It's a reasonable question. On the other hand, shipping between Oahu and Neighbor Islands on slow barges is not likely to kill even a minnow.

I think I know where you're going with the question, but for facts, try these (Googled, may not be completely up to date but won't be far off):

Together, Young Brothers and Hawaiian Tug & Barge operate a fleet of 10 barges and 13 tugs. The equipment list includes:

Catherine Foss, a 1,800-horsepower, twin-screw tug
Eleu, a 2,800-horsepower tractor tug
Mahi, a 1,800-horsepower, twin screw tug
Mamo, a 3,300-horsepower, tractor tug
Martha Foss, a 1,200-horsepower, steerable kort tug
Mikiala II, a 3,300-horsepower tractor tug
Momi, a 1,800-horsepower, twin screw tug
Billie K, a barge with a 5,000-ton capacity

A number of barges can be seen off of Waikiki each day headed -- slowly -- for other islands. I know of no vessel engaged in interisland shipping the size or speed of the Superferry. If any reader of these comments does, please enlighten us.

I recently watched the National Geographic Channel on Oceanic Cable. They had an hour long documentary on the building of the Hawaii Superferry, which is based on a European design from Norway to operated at high speed in very rugh waters. The ship also has jet thrusters, not propellers, around the hull, enabling to turn and stop on a dime. They claim no incidents of collisions with marine life (in a geographic area well known to have a high number of marine mamals). It was a very interesting documentary that answered a lot of questions.
The video may be availble at

Perhaps someone can look into this and find out more of this Norway superferry and see what their safety record is in regards to this issue. Im sure with more research, the truth can be told.

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