Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Superferry bill passes house, goes to Gov

by Larry Geller

Yup, it's all over (... or is it??).

I'll just list the No votes, those that get Happy Whales. I gave an extra Happy Whale to Rep. Oshiro for asking questions. The interchange was controversial in the press, but I think it should be recognized. All I have to offer is Happy Whales, though.

Update: Extra Happy Whale awarded to Rep. Sonson, based on the questions he asked as reported in comments below. Thanks for the report!

  No: Berg happywhalesmall
    Carroll happywhalesmall
    Hanohano happywhalesmall
    Morita happywhalesmallhappywhalesmall
    Oshiro, M happywhalesmallhappywhalesmall
    Saiki happywhalesmall
    Shimabukuro happywhalesmall
    Sonson happywhalesmall happywhalesmall
    Takamine happywhalesmall
    Takumi happywhalesmall
    Tokioka happywhalesmall


Mahalo for posting the results. I am glad that Rep Faye Hanohano and Dwight Takamine voted "NO". I see that Kona rep, Josh Green is not there among the unpopular few, what a total disappointment he is.

Rep Sonosono deserves an extra whale too. I attended 3 hours of the hearing and he also asked the right questions - such as - Is it right to pass the bill just because the majority wants the ferry? Why does the ferry service have to start NOW? (rather than after and EIS)

Ok, easy to fix, and thanks for the report. One more whale to be assigned shortly to Rep. Sonson.

How about some upside-down whales for idiots such as Joe (Just give me a round-about, Speaker Souki [???]) Bertram and Angus McKelvey, both of whom seem to have no clue as to what an EA/EIS is?

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