Tuesday, October 16, 2007


The rest of the story on John Lehman

by Larry Geller

In my article Superferry in demand elsewhere, makes good military transport too! I included some quick background on the ferry's backer J.F. Lehman & Company and its founder, John F. Lehman. I then received a flock of emails that made me wish I had done just a little more research.

Google reveals information that I would like to point you to. Google found this article, for example: John Lehman, Team B, and the PNAC by Victor Thorn. It begins:

John Lehman became an integral part of the neo-con community in the early 1970s when he joined a little-known organization called the Committee on the Present Danger.

Google is also useful to verify some of the claims in the article (which has its own bias). For example, Googling John Lehman Committee on the Present Danger does reveal a connection with that committee. One may proceed thusly through the article.

I invite you to do the Google search and check out some of the hits.

And then ponder that this is the investor that the Lingle administration is going all-out to protect by pressuring the Legislature to thwart Hawaii's environmental protection laws. Go ahead, search, and learn.



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