Saturday, October 20, 2007


Meerkats and the special session

by Larry Geller

I have been so burned out on the Superferry. I wanted to write about something else.

So I wrote about Honolulu's wayward meerkat. Over here. Take a peek.

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Larry, I can understand burning out on it, and just want to say mahalo for writing about it, your effort is very valuable and appreciated.

Oh, I haven't given up. Just stirring stuff up in the outside world. Lots of comments coming in, considering how late it is over there.

Another big mahalo for all your work!
I wonder if she picked up the "unified command" thing in Indonesia?
There really is no logical reason for
a small state to have a military relationship with a foreign country.
This brute force response is not going to end well, I'm afraid.
I honestly thought she was better than this. Looks like she's just another Rethug.

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