Monday, October 08, 2007


Mea culpa - Lingle's warnings did appear in the papers

by Larry Geller

If I'm going to be critical of the papers from time to time I need also to admit when I make a mistake. I wrote a couple of times that there was no coverage of Lingle's warnings. There was coverage, I totally missed it, and I should have read the older articles more carefully.

Thanks to Advertiser reporter Derrick Depledge for his patience in pointing me to the Advertiser's stories. For example:

Lingle announced on Sept. 12 that her "unified command" had cleared the ferry for a return to Kauai on Sept. 26. She warned of arrests and prosecution and passed out a list of potential charges. She also said she would visit Kauai to discuss her warnings and the Superferry's return.

Lingle's warnings were the subject of a front-page story in the Advertiser on Sept. 13 and were covered by other media statewide.

Yup, it's right there at the beginning of a front-page article and I missed it.

What I had in mind was the paper handed out at the meeting, which I was told really upset people. I was looking for mentions of that and not for verbal warnings. At the risk of goofing up again, when I wrote earlier, I hadn't seen mention of those papers. I do need new glasses, but that's no excuse.

Indeed the Advertiser covered Lingle's warnings and her "unified command."

Now, to do this right, since this is a blog, I need to go back to the articles and post an update. (sigh). It's important to get things straight, and I'm going to have to read the daily papers more carefully before hitting that "upload" button.



My understanding of your posts on the subject was that the media failed in its coverage of the Kauai meeting to report Lingle's warnings and the 'threat' sheet passed out to those who attended.

And in that assertion, you were correct. As I mention in one of my posts, reporting that bit of news would have gone a long way toward explaining why Lingle was given such an unfriendly reception.
Joan Conrow

That was what I meant, but I should have been more careful in stating that.

The handout still goes largely unmentioned, for example in today's Advertiser articles. Not that they always have to talk about it, but the tone and loudness of the protests gets press, why not be fair and explain why the meeting went that way.

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