Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Bring your barf bags to the special session

by Larry Geller

From KHNL Oct. 16, Lawmakers Inch Towards Superferry Special Session:

Speaker Say's son used to work for the Hawaii Superferry as an account executive. He was laid off last week after the furlough announcement. Some wonder if this is a conflict of interest.

Sometime after I came to Hawaii in 1968, I remember reading a speech by a politician who had announced that 'the days of shibai' have ended. After learning what shibai meant, I felt comfortable knowing that here in America's newest state, political BS was not allowed. It was probably the last time I believed a politician's speech."
—Richard Borreca, August 13, 1997

"My son has nothing to do with Superferry as far as the father," said Say.

So, to avoid even the appearance of impropriety, Say plans to take some action.

"What would happen is that when we go back to special session, I'll ask the vice chair to take my place and I'll sit on the floor of the House and raise that question of conflict of interest," said Say. "And at that point, the vice chair can rule for or against me in voting or not voting."

What a crock. The vice chair is the guy that comes running when Say calls his name. He'd be crazy to ever accuse his godfather of a conflict of interest.

The ceremony described above will be but Act 1 of a kabuki play whose outcome is as predictable as any of the Japanese classics.



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