Monday, September 17, 2007


You can petition the Coast Guard on the "security zone" issue

by Larry Geller

Unbeknownst to most people, over at a government website there is a place where people can file official comments on the security zone that the Coast Guard intends to apply should the Superferry get started again.

It's like a big blog, really, except more formal. You have to fill things out, but in the end, you can personally speak to the powers-that-be and put your opinion on record. The deadline is September 26. Best not to wait until that date, though, because they might close comments some time during that day Eastern Daylight Time.

First thing might be to look at some of the comments that have been filed. To do that, go to:

which is the docket page for comments. Comments will be read and supposedly weighed by the Coast Guard. You can read through a few to see how they are done and what others are saying.

You'll see that many are completely informal. While that's ok, it's better to write a reasoned argument. It's ok to steal bits and pieces from things you've read, or to quote others. But the better you do the more influence your comment might have. Just stating an opinion is not as good as providing your reasoning. The best comments are written like a formal letter to the Coast Guard. They like formality.

When you're ready to post your comment, go here and type in 29153, which is the docket number. You can upload a file if you prefer, or just type comments into the little box that will appear.

There's more on this process and on a petition on the same subject over on the Island Breath blog.

For alternative news and views from the Garden Isle, check out the main Island Breath website.


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