Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Will Governor Lingle invite a citizen to planned disaster preparedness meeting?

by Larry Geller

Maj. Gen. Robert Lee, state adjutant general, responded to only one of Doug Carlson's questions on the Advertiser's Hot Seat session today. On whether the heretofore secret meetings convened by the governor to discuss Hawaii's disaster preparedness would be open to the public, actually, he didn't answer it exactly. He suggested that Doug request an invite to the meeting from the Governor: 

Comment from: Commaaina [Visitor]
As co-chair of the Comprehensive Communications Review Committee, which was created to assess the communications breakdown after the October 15th earthquakes and to recommend improvements, will you today reveal details of the agenda for the Committee's September 27th meeting? It currently reads only:

"Group discussion on status of final committee recommendations and
implementation status of those recommendations (by each organization)."

Details would help the public understand the scope of your upcoming meeting. One item worth covering: How many broadcast stations have added backup generators since October that will allow them to remain on the air during a power blackout? Which are they, and which stations have not added a backup capability? Also, is the public invited to the 9/27 meeting, and what is its location?

Thank you.
Aloha Commaina,
We are still working on the agenda for the Sep 27 meeting. Please contact the Governor's office to request an invite to the meeting.

I'd be curious to learn her reply (if any).

The Legislature held hearings that were completely open to the public, but so far the governor's meetings have been shrouded in secrecy. There's no law that requires them to be open.

But don't you agree they should be? We have very little information on whether our state has done anything at all to improve our safety in the event of any disaster befalling the islands.




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