Saturday, September 08, 2007


TV music

by Larry Geller

I love TV music. Not only the themes from the popular shows I used to watch as a kid, but the incidental music you hear throughout a program. Take away the music and things get dull real fast, for me at least.

The theme from M*A*S*H can stick in my head all day if I hear it just once.

When I was a kid I noticed that anyone famous has their own personal theme. Dr. Kildare's appearance in the OR was heralded by his theme music. He didn't seem to go anywhere without it. Same for Bret Maverick. When Maverick spoofed Gunsmoke on one particular show (Gun-Shy, 1959), they also had to spoof Gunsmoke's theme music. When a politician comes on stage on any Comedy Central program, there's theme music.

In contrast, when I have had occasion to be wheeled into an operating room, I lie there on my back watching the ceiling lights fly by, but the only sound is the doors creaking open automatically. No music for me, and nothing at all when the doctor enters the room. Clearly, I'm not famous and neither is he.


Have you ever wanted to know where a particular musical piece you've just heard came from, or who wrote it? Click on over to Heard on TV.

(Thanks for this and lots more valuable information from Ex Libris: an E-Zine for Librarians and Other Information Junkies <>)


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