Monday, September 17, 2007


Just disappeared news or censorship? NPR's Coqui Frog program can't be heard so far on HPR

Over at you can learn about a brewing controversy over why Hawaii Public Radio does not air a National Public Radio program on the coqui frog invasion of Hawaii.

While the program covers both sides of the issue, it does appear to be sympathetic to the loud little pest. There's a theme done in a cute little frog voice that could make you love the little critter. The frog noise that drives people crazy appears rather innocuous on the program soundtrack. Due to audio compression used in preparing the program you won't be deafened by listening to it.

Without taking a position on why this is not aired on HPR, it's worth bringing this program to Hawaii somehow. Please click on the above link to learn about the controversy, or click here to listen to or download the program itself (25 minutes, 23.1 Mbytes).

Update: ok, I wasn't too happy with the way I left this.  HPR pays for NPR programs, probably there is some cost for this. They don't run programs from this producer, so probably there is paperwork and so forth to get it. And some other program would have to give up 1/2 hour to air this long piece.

Finally, the folks alleging censorship appear in the program and obviously want their position to be heard in Hawaii.

Having said all that, it would be great if more people could hear the program. At least you can, simply by clicking on the link above.

Maybe HPR could just run a news item about the program being produced and refer listeners to the website. That's a poor suggestion, but it's all I can think of.


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