Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Disappeared news: starting in February, you will need permission from the United States Government to travel

by Larry Geller

The Transportation Safety Administration is about to hold public hearings on a system that will require the TSA to clear you to fly whenever you or an airline tries to print a boarding pass. Yes, we've arrived at that point.

This rule proposes to allow TSA to ... receive passenger and certain non-traveler information, conduct watch list matching ... and transmit boarding pass printing instructions back to aircraft operators.

This Thursday, September 20, TSA will hold public hearings on their ¨Secure Flight Plan,¨ which will put the American public, even on domestic flights, in the same position that ancient Japanese commoners found themselves—unable to leave the place they lived unless they had an approved passport issued by the feudal government.

Details are in this article: The Nightmare of DHS´s *Secure Flight* [Hat tip to the Progressive Review News].

Yes, the system will control domestic flights, and no, you can't find out if you're in it or why.

The article describes how to file comments in the docket for this proposal. In short, you can go to the web page and enter docket number TSA-2007-28572.

I've wondered if filing a comment could put you on the TSA list. No, ignore that. Just file your comments.

Also from today's Progressive Review News:

Fascism doesn't start with concentration camps...That's where it ends. -- Jon Bishop

We need to somehow stop all this before we get to that point.


Scary. As far as I know the "right to travel" between states isn't specifically enshrined in the Constitution. That being said it's a LONG standing precedent. If this goes down it would behoove Hawaii and Alaska residents to fight hard against it. As residents of states where air travel by far the most common means of getting in/out of state we would feel these new rules the most. Maybe the courts would be sympathetic to our plight.

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