Thursday, August 30, 2007


Hear more about the bus alternative - Town Square, Thurs 8/30, 5-6 p.m. 89.3 FM

by Larry Geller

If you read this in time, and are still concerned about Honolulu's seemingly irrational push for a train that many people just don't want, tune in for tonight's Hawaii Public Radio Town Square program. And consider calling in.

Guests will be city council members Ann Kobayashi and Charles Djou. They're still willing to consider alternatives.

Is it too late? Only if we let it be too late. Take this opportunity to find out how we can still have an influence on the decisionmaking process if I may call it that.

I believe there will also be an unofficial survey of callers-- will the proposed train go where you need it to go? Where do you travel each day, and what would work for you?

The call-in number is 941-3689, or 1 877 941-3689 if you live elsewhere and just want to set us Honolulu folks straight.


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