Saturday, August 11, 2007


Flossie is coming! Flossie is coming! Do you know where your nearest shelter is? Or who has the keys?

by Larry Geller

Today's breaking news is that Flossie did not weaken as expected and is now a Category 4 hurricane with 135 mph winds. The articles (here and here) note that it is expected to miss the Islands but that a one or two degree change in direction could make a difference.

Hey-- my reading is that on a whim, Flossie could cause us trouble. Katrina was a Category 3 storm on the morning of August 29 when it devastated southeast Louisiana (down from a Category 5 while it was at sea).

So here we are again. After the Lingle administration held secret, rather than public, meetings on disaster preparedness, many of us still don't know if the sirens will work or where their shelters are. I know that I'm supposed to go to Farrington, but who will open the doors to all the classrooms? These are questions we've asked before.

Doug Carlson has a blog wholly devoted to improving Hawaii's disaster preparedness but it doesn't look like the administration has responded to his concerns either. Where are the answers? Do we have to wait until a storm or tsunami devastates the state to find out that we still were not prepared?

If Flossie does indeed veer toward us, I hope the newspapers will print some information for us beforehand. That is, if they can get it.


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