Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Community access TV under assault

by Sean McLaughlin

The State of Hawaii has been engaged in a systematic assault on free speech through the offices of the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Cable TV Division.

For the past decade, a disturbing pattern of arbitrary and capricious rulemaking from the DCCA's Cable TV Division has consistently benefited Time Warner at the expense of Hawai'i consumers and the public interest.

The latest atrocity is the State's mismanaged "RFP" process that places each of the Public, Education & Government (PEG) access provider organizations at risk of (increasing) State micromanagement and control.

Instead of being strong and independent advocates for media justice, the PEG providers of free community access to media are on the defensive, forced to fight for survival.

Thankfully, the good people of Akaku: Maui Community TV have continued to stand up for truth, liberty and justice!

Here's the latest action from Akaku to PROTEST the State's assault on community media!


Congratulations to the Board and staff of Akaku, especially their CEO Jay April and attorney, Lance Collins!

Hopefully, Akaku will find support in the larger community of people in Hawai'i who care about Media Justice!

Please let the Governor and your State legislators know: it is time to audit the DCCA's cable regulation, stop the assault on free speech, support localism, and ensure independent community access to media!


Sean McLaughlin
Hawaii Consumers
P.O. Box 179375
Honolulu, HI 96817


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