Sunday, July 08, 2007


Bloggers dig where papers fear to tread on the Awana story

The action on the Bob Awana story is mainly on the blogs. You'll need to visit the Poinography blog to follow the story on the hiring of a Philippine Army officer in the wake of a potential scandal at the heart of the departure of Governor Lingle's chief of staff. Doug asks how could this guy get his green card and be hired so quickly? Hmmm?

Ian Lind boldly posted an open letter to Governor Lingle last week. The letter also appeared in Wednesday's Honolulu Weekly.

One of Ian's questions is certainly too hot for the dailies:

One clear policy question is whether there is any truth to the reports that Mr. Awana, the second most powerful person in state government, was directly or indirectly arranging sexual “entertainment” for members of one or more official state delegations to foreign countries known for their famous but much-criticized sex trades.

The questions were asked on July 3 and we're still waiting for the answers.

There is more on this story that the-governor-probably-wishes-would-go-away-but-it-won't on both blogs. Check them out and try adding blogs to your daily reading. Newsreader programs (also called aggregators) make it easy, and it's possible to customize a home page to fetch articles from blogs that you like.


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