Friday, June 01, 2007


'You are making some people nervous' is now grounds for police action

This country used to be America. I don't recognize it any more.

From an article in Georgetown University's newspaper:
DPS Removes Student from Graduation Ceremony

By Michele Hong
Hoya Staff Writer
Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Kambiz Fattahi (GRD ’08) was sitting in the first row of the commencement audience on the afternoon of May 18 holding a box of cookies for his graduating friend.

But he never got to see her walk across the stage. And he never got to hand her the cookies.

According to Fattahi, about five minutes after historian Bernard Bailyn, the keynote speaker at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences’ commencement in McDonough Gymnasium, concluded his speech lauding the American traditions of freedom and justice, two Department of Public Safety officers removed Fattahi from the ceremony. Fattahi, who was born in Iran, said that when he asked for a reason, the officers told him that his Middle Eastern appearance was making others at the ceremony uncomfortable and that they had received complaints about his presence.

“They said, ‘You are making some people nervous. We received some complaints,’” he said. “Truthfully, I just didn’t expect it.”
Read the rest of the article here for details of Mr. Fattahi's humiliation in the hallway after he was pulled out of the ceremony.

(Thanks: Progressive Review Undernews)


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