Monday, April 09, 2007


Your questions answered on drug testing elected officials in Hawaii

I sent my earlier post to legislators and others. Got some questions back. Here are some answers.

1) Q: Won't a hair test be used?

A: I don't think so. Anyway, some legislators don't have hair to test. And hair tests would mean no parties for elected officials for a long, long, time, not just for the prior weekend.

2) Q: If drug testing is good for teachers, isn't it good for elected officials?

A: I don't think Hawaii's teachers have a drug problem. If legislators think our elected officials do, they should go ahead and pass this bill. It would be the only responsible thing to do, right? I want them to feel responsible.

3) Q: Was it the Lt. Governor who asked Sen. Hee to insert drug testing language into HB1909?

A: Not as far as I know. It is alleged to be someone from the House side. (You know who you are...).

4) Q: Will tests be conducted in the Lt. Governor's office?

A: (Ok, I made that one up myself). Maybe. Why not. I don't think he'd turn down the opportunity.

5) Q: Do women also have to pee in a cup?

A: I believe so, this isn't my area of expertise. But don't worry, the amendment was designed to kill the bill, so no need to start practicing.

I'll add two more of my own:

6) Q: Will the governor have to pee in a cup?

A: No. I assume she'd veto this first, if it ever passed.

7) Q: Will the Lt. Governor have to pee in a cup?

A: Wouldn't he want to set a good example?


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