Monday, April 09, 2007


OK, legislators, time to learn to pee in a cup

Dear Legislators:

If teachers can do it, you can learn too! HB1909 was a popular bill setting up ethics committees. It's been gutted despite having gone all the way with supportive public testimony. What Sen. Hee put there is designed for you not to like--drug tests for elected officials. Yes, you!

Sen. Hee is proposing what we call a "gateway test" (you've probably heard that expression). First, you get used to having your personal privacy invaded with a drug test. Then one day, someone has an alcohol problem and so they add in an alcohol test and suddenly it's no weekend birthday parties for you anymore!

Your private lives will no longer be yours, they'll belong to the drug testing cabal. One drink and you'll have nightmares of Ed Kubo or Peter Carlisle bustin' your door down in the dark of night.

Hawaii's state constitution gives everyone an intrinsic right of privacy. That means that what happens on the weekend in your private life should remain private.

The public is demanding accountability from its government. The best thing you could do tomorrow is restore HB1909, putting back the ethics committees and taking out the invasive drug testing. It won't do to just vote it down and let this maneuver to kill the bill succeed.

It's ethics in government that the people want. Not to intrude on your personal lives.

Please do the right thing.


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