Sunday, April 22, 2007


Here's what the Honolulu City Council doesn't want us to have

This is the escalator to the Metro at Reagan International Airport in Washington DC. It looks like it's about 30-40 feet from the turnstile where I yanked my heavy bag off at about 4:54 p.m Saturday. That was the last time I had to lift it.

Going up the escalator, there's a bridge to the nearby Metro station. No need to lug the bags, though, they have people movers. See pic.

Here's the Metro station. Still no need to lift my bags. There were escalators everywhere. I paid the fare to a machine, $2.35. Actually I used my credit card because I was too lazy to get my small change out of the hand-carry bag. Yes, this research cost me only 1/10 the cost of a cab from Honolulu Airport.

So let's see... I got to Bethesda Station at 5:47. There's a really, really long escalator to the street, which I took not realizing there was also an elevator. Now, into the hotel, check in, say "hi" to some friends, and I'm relaxing in my room at 6:02.

I just want the City Council to know what they have cheated Honolulu commuters out of. Having the train go from the airport to Waikiki would add to Honolulu's attractiveness as a tourist destination, and of course residents along the way would love it too.


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