Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Discrimination alive and well on the Mainland

Well, discrimination certainly exists in Hawaii as well, but I just gotta get this blogged and off my mind.

Yes, lucky we live Hawaii. Yesterday I went back down the very long escalator to the Bethesda Metro station. Riders of the Metro have a very well-established custom of standing on the right on an escalator or people-mover in order to allow those who want to walk by to pass on the left side. So yesterday, on my way to the Capitol to visit our Congressional delegation, I found myself standing immediately behind a blind person with a guide dog. The dog was at her left side, so of course no one could pass by. Those behind us waited patiently, not saying anything. Hey... it would only be a minute or so delay in their rush to get to the trains.

Except for one woman who started yelling. She kept it up, getting obnoxious at first and then louder and more obscene. It didn't help things, there was nothing to be done about the dog, which couldn't be in front or back of its owner anyway. Yet this lady was just spouting continuous filth at the top of her lungs about not being able to walk past someone with a guide dog. Imagine how the woman with the guide dog felt as the obscene filth echoed throughout the escalator tunnel.

Ok, I've blogged. This incident made me appreciate living in Hawaii and the tolerance of those I live and work with.


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