Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Wrestling match will be held to decide Honolulu transit route

Biggest match of the season to be decided today at Honolulu Hale

Governor, newspapers, bloggers anxiously await outcome of "denshamichi-sumo" match

Yes, a decision that will profoundly affect the future of both the state and the city for years to come looks to be decided today as the City Council meets for what could be the final and deciding round.

The media is circling the ring closely. I cannot do better than to send you to Ian Lind's analysis this morning. Stop reading this and go there now.

Despite being away from the action at a meeting in Washington, Governor Lingle attempted an oshidashi from afar for the airport route. Supporters of this route were formerly the top contenders but were unexpectedly pushed from the ring by Councilman Romy Cachola in last week's competition.

I enjoy watching a good match as well as the next person, but the City Council seems never to rise above the lowest-ranked jonokuchi division. Watching them is often painful. No one bets because expectations are low, and outcomes are unpredictable, as we saw when Salt Lake suddenly became a contender through the exertion of pure political force rather than convincing logic.

Trouble is, this is the best we can do to choose a transit system for Honolulu.


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