Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Welcome to new Advertiser reporter Mark Walker

I'm always curious about a new byline in our local press community, especially if the writer comes with interesting credentials.

Mark Walker appears to be such a person. I couldn't get hold of Mark before writing this post, but from the full-page Exclusive Interview spot he was given in this morning's paper, he must be a really respected guy, with connections in the real estate business. His interview, Learn How It's Possible to Double Your Money on Every Real Estate Deal, was opposite the continuation of the story on the Ehren Watada trial, so it probably caught the eyes of many readers.

Good first start, Mark! I hope to run into you one day around town. I'd like to learn more about your background and how you rose so quickly to prominence on the Advertiser staff. No, I don't need to know anything more on probate investing or doubling my money in real estate, but I'd like to find out what you might be writing for the Advertiser next.


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