Thursday, February 01, 2007


This just in: Yet another disaster preparedness headache: levees in need of repair in Hawaii

The Advertiser's breaking news article, posted just minutes ago, Corps of Engineers lists 122 levees at risk, 3 in Hawai'i, describes one more headache for the state:
Three Hawai'i levees cited in the report are located on the Hanapepe and Waimea rivers on Kaua'i and the Moanalua Stream on O'ahu.

If the Corps of Engineers determines a levee to be at risk of failing, homeowners in the area could be required to purchase flood insurance, though exceptions can be made.
This is obviously an early article, I'm sure we'll learn more, including whether it is a state headache or someone else's.

We also should learn when the state found out about the deficiencies. The article is based on a Freedom of Information Act request filed by newspapers. The article says:
Communities near the levees have been notified that they have received an "unacceptable maintenance inspection rating."
but it doesn't say when they were notified or who was notified. Was Hawaii notified? Is this another "state secret?" Why am I suspicious?


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