Sunday, February 04, 2007


Honolulu potholes visible from space

It's so much fun. If you see a really big, bad pothole, remember the spot and check it out on Google Earth when you get home. Or hunt for one on your computer screen then go outside and see if it's still there (the satellite images are snapped at an undetermined date and time, but not to worry, the potholes are long-lasting in this town).

This is Lowrey Avenue as seen from the sky. The dark spots in the street include filled potholes and light pole shadows. Lowrey Avenue was mentioned in today's Honolulu Advertiser article, Pothole restitution cost city and state $172,000

Arguments don't hold water

To this reader, the argument that this is the fault of the weather doesn't have the necessary truthiness:
Laverne Higa, director and chief engineer for the city Department of Facility Maintenance, blames the increase in potholes on O'ahu last year on rains from January to March, coupled with an asphalt shortage.
We visited the Big Island last year and drove around quite a bit. Hilo gets much more rain than Honolulu pretty regularly, yet we did not notice any potholes, patched or not.

We had potholes before last year and we have potholes now. We taxpayers are footing the bill for auto repairs as mentioned in the article, an unnecessary expense.

When the potholes are big enough and numerous enough to be seen from space, haven't things gone too far?

Oh, memo to the couple sunbathing nude near your pool in Kahala: the jig is up, heh, heh.


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