Sunday, February 11, 2007


Extraordinary rendition-New York sends students to Boston to be tortured

The Progressive Review reports a WNYT story about students to what amounts to torture in an out-of-state facility:
When a school district had a developmentally disabled student who continued to act out or attack others, where normal discipline wasn't working and positive reinforcement was unsuccessful, they'd sent the child out of state to a Boston-area facility - the Judge Rotenberg Center.

.  .  .

To change the bad behavior, kids at the Rotenberg Center would be hooked up with electrodes to their stomachs and legs and required to wear a back pack at all times. Then if they misbehaved, staff would give them a two second jolt of electricity, described as a static shock times 10. Some students were getting 40 shocks a day.
You'll remember that George Bush wanted Congress to let him continue torturing anyone he likes (just by labeling them enemy combatants). Similarly, the New York Board of Regents wants to continue these electric shock treatments until 2009 when no new students will be rendered to Boston, but it reserves the right to continue the practice with those already in the program.

If New York thought it had problem children on its hands, wait till those who have undergone this brutal shock treatment grow up. As adults, how will they treat others, and the institutions that put them through this inhumane treatment?


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