Thursday, January 04, 2007


Poinography asks Public Utility Commission for its oil company monitoring data

In a post today on the blog, Doug takes a KHON reporter to task (gently) for not asking the hardball questions you'd think should have been asked about the state's monitoring (or lack thereof) of the oil industry, as required by current law.

And in a comment, Doug indicated that he himself has asked for the data. I know I'd love to see it. If it exists. Bloggers seem to be braver than journalists. Asking for the monitoring data is something you'd think reporters should already have done by now.

The Lingle administration clearly doesn't want to upset its pals and/or contributors in the oil industry, so I'm curious about how seriously the new law is being implemented. This also brings me back to one of my current peeves: how come we have laws and our government thinks they can just ignore them?

Stay tuned to the blogosphere.


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