Thursday, January 18, 2007


OIP to ask BOE to justify $880 estimated charge for audio tape

The BOE is asking an estimated $880 to provide a redacted copy of the audio tape of a meeting which should not have been secret in the first place. They say they have to send the tape out to be redacted.

This may be a situation where the state wants a vendor to charge it as much as possible for a small bit of work (remember how the military was paying $750 for a toilet seat; $2034 for a 13-cent nut; $1500 for a screwdriver?). Of course, they plan to charge me for it, that's how they can get away with this.

By setting a high charge, they effectively keep the information out of public hands.

OIP will be asking the BOE to justify the charge.

The OIP has so many more important things to do. By its ongoing refusal to obey the law, the BOE is costing taxpayers money just bringing them to justice.

Regardless of the outcome of the OIP inquiry, I won't be paying the BOE $880 for the tape. Even if they get to keep it a secret, I've had the opportunity to bring their actions in this matter to the attention of the public.

I hope everyone will support legislation to put teeth into OIP decisions. In the end, it saves us all money, and keeps our government accountable to the people. It can also help prevent abuses such as we are seeing at the national level.

Our educational system can only be improved if the BOE will follow the law and conduct its business in full view of the public.


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