Saturday, December 09, 2006


Pappy Bush to Junior: Save that Oil!

Well, at least the real reason the US invaded Iraq has been revealed: Oil. No surprise. It's just odd to see this in writing.

It seems everyone is analyzing the Iraq Study Group report. There's little I can add to this: Oil for Sale: Why the Iraq Study Group is Calling for the Privatization of Iraq's Oil Industry.

The authors are Pappy Bush people. The report isn't about human rights or international law. Probably Pappy is trying to get his buddies access to that oil before Junior ends up facing a helicopter-on-the-embassy-roof scene in Baghdad. Or impeachment at the hands of a resurgent (insurgent?) Democrat-controlled Congress.

Will Junior listen? Who knows. He says he doesn't agree with the report but I'll bet he hasn't read it yet.

Tony Blair seems to have read it, and there's benefit to him if he acts opportunistically. The report doesn't suggest that the US or Britain "cut and run," far from it. It urges a change in the way the occupation is conducted. Check this out: Milan Rai on Iraq Study Group Report: "What is on the Table is Continued Control at a Reduced Political and Military Cost".

There's plenty of analysis out there on the Web if you read widely. Don't swallow uncritically what the daily papers say about this report. As usual, there is much more written between the lines than on them.


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