Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Update: Nothing received from the Board of Education

The Board of Education was to release the redacted minutes of the closed-door meeting at which it fired Jim Shon, the Executive Director of the Charter School Administrative Office, according to the decision by OIP (see: OIP: Board of Education must release redacted minutes of Jim Shon firing). They were to have done that by close of business today.

So far, I have not heard from them. Maybe they just dropped it in the mail this evening.

The OIP even did all the work for them (see the decision) by cutting out (redacting) what they needn't release.

I'm anxious to see who voted, during this illegal session, to remove Jim Shon. That will certainly influence how I vote in the upcoming election.


I'm certain that they will do everything they can to prevent the minutes from being released to the press before the election is over. I hope that you've got a reporter ready and waiting the second you receive the info.

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