Thursday, October 12, 2006


Tune in this evening for blogfest on Town Square, Hawaii Public Radio

The battle for votes in Hawaii's upcoming elections has moved to cyberspace, with reporters and candidates moving to websites, blogs, email campaigns, and other electronic ways to reach their constituents in real time. This year, television and newspapers have some real competition for voter attention.

Tune in tonight, 5-6 p.m. on KIPO, 89.3 FM for Town Square, hosted by Beth-Ann Kozlovich. Guests will include, Jerry Burris, David Shapiro, and Ian Lind, all veteran newspaperpeople who bring their wealth of experience and skills as journalists to the blog world, and little 'ol me.

If you can't pick up the wave, try Oceanic Cable, channel 842, or the streaming audio at

The program takes phone calls at 941-3689 on Oahu or 1-877-941-3689 toll-free from anywhere else. If you've contributed comments to any of the blogs and would really like to have your voice heard, please call in this evening.

David Shapiro ran a live commentary during both the Lingle/Iwase debate and the primary election, with huge reader participation. These were almost certainly firsts for Hawaii, and were truly something new--neither TV or newspapers provided that level of interaction. Plus, of course, it was David doing both the live analysis and replying to visitor's commentary. In my view, you can't ask for better.

Jerry Burris has been observing and writing about politics and much more as a key editor of the Honolulu Advertiser. It's good to have his experience unleashed on the blogosphere.

Ian Lind's investigative reporting is badly needed in this town. I've read him in print for years and know that when I see his byline on a story, something or someone is going to be set straight. And I know I can trust what he writes, which is increasingly important these days both in print and in cybermedia.

So tune in, call in, and speak for yourself tonight 5-6 pm on Town Square.


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