Thursday, October 05, 2006


No potholes in Hilo

It rained every day during our trip to Kilauea Volcano and Hilo on the Big Island last week. They always get a lot of rain, so we were prepared. But we also drove around more than usual to find closer parking places and so forth. Normally we love to walk, but it was just too wet.

We didn't see a single pothole the entire four days we were there. Not one. Nope. I'm sure there could be potholes somewhere, but we consciously looked and didn't see any.

There were a few patched spots. The patches were perfectly flat.

Then we came back to Honolulu. What a mess! Not only are there still unrepaired potholes, but many streets are in terrible shape after ugly patch upon ugly patch. And not only that--white lines and pedestrian crosswalks aren't repainted when potholes are fixed, so some streets lack necessary markings for pedestrian safety.

It seems that Harry Kim can do what Mufi Hannemann cannot. Too bad Harry wouldn't run for governor, maybe he could have accomplished something over here.

Mufi shouldn't be too proud to ask Harry how he does it. Please, Mufi. We'd all appreciate it if you'd learn the secret.


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