Saturday, October 07, 2006


Lingle did not create a surplus

In the debate yesterday, Linda Lingle claimed credit for turning a deficit into a large surplus.

The State of Hawaii has no surplus. The extra money in the general fund is not surplus, but the profit earned by neglect.

Our schools are in disrepair physically and functionally. To correct this neglect alone would use up the surplus.

We have no workable disaster plan. We've saved money by not arranging for shelters, by not repairing sirens and other facilities. By not inspecting dams. When the storm or the tsunami comes, we'll wonder why we didn't prepare.

There is nothing meaningful being done by the state to provide affordable housing for its increasing homeless population. We have not spent what's needed to repair, maintain and make available what public housing exists nor have we built new housing. We've left development to the developer's greed. Greed will not provide affordable housing. Nor are shelters the answer, they are a band-aid on a festering wound.

You get the point.

Will Iwase have different priorities should he be elected? We can't tell from the debate.


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