Monday, October 09, 2006


How will they spin the North Korean bomb?

We know that we are supposed to feel the chill of fear down our spines as we enter the voting booths in November.

The fear is intended to erase memories and make us vote Republican so we can be saved from utter destruction. Destruction from exactly which quarter is merely something to establish this month during the countdown to election day. Forget Foley, forget Abramoff, forget Valerie Plame, forget the mid-East fiasco and just feel the fear.

We are supposed to have internalized by now that Democrats will wait for the US to be attacked and then carefully respect the terrorist's human rights, by which time we'll all be reduced to atomic ash. So if we are to be saved, it will be by Republicans, in exchange for just a few unimportant civil rights.

So now that North Korea has demonstrated it does have nuclear weapons (or had one, which it blew up, who knows if it has more), how will this be spun to create that desired chilling, memory-erasing effect which will save Republican hides?

For years, North Korea has been trying to negotiate with the USA. They have been rebuffed by several presidents. At least they hadn't been threatened. Now that Bush threatened them (instead of agreeing to bilateral talks) they've gone and done it. Nutso or not, they've built and demonstrated a bomb, showing the world that they can defend themselves.

Korea's Great Leader has outsmarted even our arch-enemy Saddam Hussein. Saddam never had weapons of mass destruction, so he was trampled and reduced to hiding in a spider hole. No spider holes for Great Leader. Even Iran claims only peaceful uses of their nuclear refining capacity. No peaceful uses for Great Leader.

It's unlikely that sanctions will work against a country so poor. What can be taken away? The UN, the US and other countries will wail and wring their hands, but they can't take away North Korea's big deterrent.

It was not only predictable, but was predicted by a whole slew of editorial cartoonists. If Bush had replaced his closest advisors with a few cartoonists, our country would be much safer now.

Bush was (maybe still is) thinking of invading Iran, which he says is building a bomb just like Iraq was. At this point, they can probably scrape together enough material for a few radium dial watches. Americans (not to mention Iraqis) are being killed in record numbers. Iraq is lost, in the throes of civil war and anarchy. In Afghanistan, Osama Bin Laden wanders the poppy fields with his newly resurgent Taliban buddies.

Hatred of the long and brutal occupation and the ongoing Palistinian oppression makes a US victory anywhere in the mid-East unlikely. Terrorists now breed like flies in the open wound that is Iraq.

These are all things we are supposed to forget before election day.

The greatest brains in the Bush administration are now working day and night to figure out how to make us do that. Standby.


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