Monday, September 18, 2006


Do you think teachers should be allowed to strip search students? If not, act now...

How would you feel if your son/daughter came home from school and announced that she or other students were strip searched by a teacher or school administrator? Think that this could never happen? Then you don't know our Congress very well.

Senior House Republicans are pushing HR 5295 with the Orwellian name "The Student Teacher Safety Act of 2006" which would permit warrantless searches of every student, at any time, including strip searches, for any reason a teacher or school administrator wants. Far from ensuring student safety, it puts children at risk from any pervert who manages to get a teaching job in a public school.

Yes. Imagine that Republicans push this through. What is going on in that dark closet down the hall? Is a teacher "strip searching" your daughter?

This bill would allow schools and police to invasively search students based on the mere suspicion that (for example) one of them in the school might have drugs. That's right, no individual suspicion is required. They could search all students if they like.

Students have 4th Amendment rights just as do adults.

The bill is being fast-tracked to the House floor.

This is clearly an outrage. If you think so too, better contact your congressperson and put a stop to it.


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