Saturday, September 09, 2006


Disney may be surprised in November

Everyone knows by now that Disney (the world's most prolific purveyor of fantasy)/ABC's plans to air "The Path to 9/11," a docudrama scheduled on September 10th and 11th which will accompany a live address to the nation by President Bush.

There has been some speculation as to motive. Certainly the right wing will cheer, and of course elections are coming up. Certainly there will be reaction to the bias that's expected based on reports of right-wing bloggers who have been given advance copies of the DVD. An interview on the Counterspin program (which won't air on Hawaii Public Radio until Wednesday but which you can hear on the web [mp3 or RealAudio]) suggests that Disney/ABC may be looking for favorable consideration from the government.

Won't they be surprised if control of Congress shifts in November and all of this backfires? Both sides of the aisle know the truth about 9/11 and how we got into the Iraq war. Republicans, since they control both houses of Congress, can stave off moves for accountability. Should the makeup of Congress change, Disney/ABC may find themselves held accountable (along with Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rice) if the "right" becomes the "wrong" side in 2007.

Be sure and vote, make this fantasy a reality..


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