Monday, September 11, 2006


Associated Press thinks all is cool in Ramadi

One more trip for you. I can't resist. Check out the Associated Press story that appeared in this morning's Honolulu Advertiser and of course papers around the country: In Ramadi, U.S. Marines 'own the night'. The story ends with this pap:
Some homes in the city hardly seem affected by the war. Marines said on one recent patrol they found a college student reading Shakespeare's "Macbeth" — in English — as another man instant-messaged a friend on the Internet. A third young man was smoking a hookah, or a traditional Arab water pipe.

"There's some really Westernized parts here," said 1st Lt. Daniel Greene, 25, of Stafford, Va. "Sometimes I wonder what I'd feel like if a couple guys banged on my door at night and stayed for a couple days."
But if you had paid attention earlier, there was a giveaway that Ramadi might not be such a peachy place to be:
When night falls on Ramadi, hundreds of Marines confined to bases during the day return to the streets.
Maybe this is the story that Cheney read before he appeared on Meet the Press on Sunday. It's not what the rest of the world is reading in their daily newspapers or seeing on TV right now.

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