Friday, August 18, 2006


It's time for the "Million Mench March"

Israel's invasion of Lebanon and Gaza before it has outraged people around the world. Jews have been no exception.

A petition has been started on-line and is gathering signatures:
This statement was drafted by U.S. Jews committed to stopping and holding accountable Israel for its destructive policies and practices--most immediately for a halt to the current attacks on Lebanon and Gaza.
When Israel invaded Gaza and started locking up its elected leaders, I thought that surely there must be many Jews who object to this and to the conditions Palestinians are forced to live in by their occupiers. How many Jews would dare to speak out?

The devastation of Lebanon and the civilian death toll cannot sit well with people of conscience of any religion.

Perhaps now is the time for a "Million Mench March" in Washington DC.

I don't know who could organize it (Rabbi Michael Lerner?). The time is ripe, I hope someone will consider this.


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