Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Battle over proposed HECO fossil fuel plant begins

Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) has proposed to build a fossil fuel power plant at Campbell Industrial Park for an estimated $134,310,260. Life of the Land has filed opposition to this plan, and an evidentiary hearing (like a trial) is to be held on December 11.

A schedule has been agreed by the parties for the arguments. From the Life of the Land email, the timeline is:
  • HECO previously filed direct testimony.
  • Life of the Land filed its case on August 17.
  • HECO files a rebuttal case on October 1.
  • The Public Utilities Commission evidentiary hearing will be held the week of December 11.

Can HECO's plan be defeated?

Yes. The beauty of Manoa Valley was preserved when the community joined together to oppose the construction of a planned 138kV power line with huge poles that would have defaced the valley forever. We seem to be doing just fine without it. This demonstrated that yes, the community can win against even a behemoth such as Hawaiian Electric Company. You can still see many cars proudly displaying a "No 138kV" bumper sticker even though the battle is over. When I see one, I'm reminded that it is possible for the little guy to win.

Life of the Land's position

From their email today:

  1. Something is needed (megawatts)
  2. Climate Change is for real
  3. We oppose building another fossil fuel power plant
  4. We oppose ethanol
  5. We support energy efficiencies and renewable energy: solar; wind (on and off shore); wave (off shore), sea water air conditioning; and OTEC (off shore -- barge)
  6. We believe that renewables should be overbuilt so that the Downtown Honolulu Power Plant (adjacent to Aloha Tower) can be torn down
Is this case for real?

It certainly is. Henry also emailed their witness list:

In light of global warming, it is morally indefensible to build another fossil fuel power plant.
-- Henry Curtis, Life of the Land
Kat Brady (LOL), Henry Curtis (LOL), Trisha Kehaulani Watson (Research Fellow, Center for Excellence in Native Hawaiian Law at the UH Richardson School of Law), Dr. Tad Patzek (UC Berkeley Professor: Civil and Environmental Engineering), Jeffrey Mikulina (Sierra Club, Hawai`i Director), Dr David Rezachek (Honolulu Seawater Air Conditioning), Reb Bellinger (Makai Ocean Engineering), Dr. Hans Krock (President, Ocean Engineering & Environmental Systems (OCEES), UH Professor of Ocean & Resources Engineering), Cynthia Henry Thielen JD (Representative, Wave Advocate), Denise Antolini JD (Associate Professor of Law; Director, Environmental Law Program, UH Richardson School of Law), Tom Denniss (CEO, Energetech, Australia), John Whalen (President, Plan Pacific).

How to support this effort?

Contact info for Life of the Land:

Life of the Land, 76 N. King Street, Suite 203, Honolulu, HI 96817. Henry Curtis, Executive Director: 808-533-3454. Email: henry@lifeoftheland.net .


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