Monday, May 01, 2006


Tell legislators to "just say no" to temptation of SB2922

What do you think of allowing your representatives to accept any amount of corporate money that an oil, tobacco, insurance or other company thinks they should have? Will they remain your representatives any longer if that is allowed?

In an election year, and in the face of mounting criticism of the role of corporate influence on legislative decisionmaking, the emergence of this bill from conference committee is a giant step in the wrong direction. Not only will it undermine public confidence in the legislative process, it could backfire on incumbents in the November elections.

SB2922 CD1, to be voted on tomorrow, May 2, would allow any corporation, limited liability company, partnership, association, or organization to transfer an unlimited amount of money from its own funds to its respective noncandidate committee in an election period. There's a current limit of $1,000, but this bill would remove any limit on corporate donations.

But guess what--you, a constituent, could only give $2,000 to a political action committee, while a corporation could give millions.

If signed into law, this bill will enable corporations to buy red carpets into our legislator's offices, while ordinary citizens will be put on hold.

While you still have some influence, call, fax or email your legislators and ask them not to pass SB2922. You can email all representatives at and all senators at .


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