Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Senate backs small business, House may be favoring HMSA--you need to act

A rare and remarkable thing seems to have happened today--the Senate recommitted SB2917 to conference committee so that health insurance rate regulation might continue. Thanks to Sen. Menor and the others who spoke on this important issue.

The House, however, has so far not agreed. If they do nothing, the sunset provision of the original law cuts in, and guess what--no more rate regulation.

As I mentioned in previous posts, loss of rate regulation will mean a return to the bad old days when HMSA and Kaiser set rates any way they pleased. The losers will be small business and their employees, who will have to pay more for coverage. Employees often pay the premiums for their families.

Will House leadership actually let insurance rate regulation lapse in an election year? They might... so it's time to get on the horn and tell them they shouldn't take that risk.

Call your state representatives now or pay higher premiums later. Ask them to simply remove the sunset provision from the insurance premium rate regulation law by fixing SB2917 to eliminate all the industry-favorable language. Another place to call is Speaker Calvin Say's office: 586-6100 or email repsay@Capitol.hawaii.gov . You can also email all representatives at reps@capitol.hawaii.gov .


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